Olivier's The Cajun Claw
The Ultmate Hook Removal Instrument


Since our inception, the impetus behind the creation of The Cajun Claw was to develop an instrument that would give a fisherman the best opportunity to release a healthy fish back into the waters. We realize that many fishermen do not "catch and release", but most of them will admit that, given the opportunity, they would release a healthy fish back into the waters if that fish was not intended to end up on their dinner table. Many of us support the principals of Slot Limits, Catch and Release and whatever other rules and regulations are necessary to assure that the next generation of fishermen will have the same privileges that we currently enjoy.

Well, we've developed a great instrument to help you sharpen your fish releasing skills. Learn this instrument well, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of watching fish swim away so that new generations can be born.

Jim Olivier
Inventor – Chief Executive Officer

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