Olivier's The Cajun Claw
The Ultmate Hook Removal Instrument

Why the Cajun Claw?

The only way to effectively answer this question is to compare our product to the competition. Only by making this one-on-one comparison will you truly appreciate what The Cajun Claw offers to you as a true sportsman.

Pliers work well with medium to semi-large fish when the hook is lodged into tissue near the entrance of the mouth. This accounts for most hook extractions. However, unless you own much smaller pliers ( hemostats ), this system doesn’t work well on small fish, especially when they swallow the hook where even hemostats aren’t effective. Also, pliers are a rather intrusive tool when pulling hooks out of delicate flesh because, when you engage the pliers, the hooks angle of extraction is pre-set. The deeper that you go into the mouth, the less angles are available for extraction. This means that many times you are left with no alternative but to simply rip the hook out of the flesh causing extreme damage, or death, to the fish.

Finally, even needle nose pliers are not designed to retrieve hooks lodged deep into gullets and stomachs. With pliers the common procedure is to simply pull on the fishing line until you see the hook and take whatever angle you have to extract the hook. Certainly, not an ideal scenario.

Works great on small, medium and semi-large fish. So, no need for multiple sized pliers and hemostats. The Cajun Claw simply goes where pliers can’t reach. Unlike pliers, the hook remains free to move and rotate during extraction. This means that you are more easily able to duplicate the angle of entry and simply back the hook out of the tissue. Far less damage to the flesh sizably increases the fish’s chances of being returned to the water alive and healthy. With our interchangeable 7” and 10” stationary shafts ( optional ) you are now able to easily extract hooks out of gullets, stomachs and delicate gill tissue.

Finally, with The Cajun Claw, during extraction you are gently grabbing the fishing line on one end while the bend of the hook rests in the claw trench on the other end. There is typically no damage done to the fishing line or your lure during extraction. For this reason, there are less reties and your valuable lures last longer.

Good tool for extracting small hooks out of small fish. Mostly used by fly fishermen for it’s ability to get into the mouth and gently remove a small hook. Light weight, fits in your pocket and is easy to carry along.

All of the fly pens and pins that I have used are made of quality plastic to keep them light weight. Plastics have their limitations. The Cajun Claw is made of Stainless Steel which allows us to keep the fold-in claw only 1/16" thick for a distance of 3/4". This thin profile allows the small hook to move and rotate inside the claw during extraction which equates to a less intrusive extraction.

The Cajun Claw is also light weight and fits in your pocket.

Also, with the fly pen/pin you are only in control of the hook during extraction. With The Cajun Claw you are also in control of the fishing line which gives the fisherman far more control during extraction and allows you to perform delicate procedures when necessary.

By placing this tool in one hand and flipping the fish around the tool the hook is extracted. Works good on fish that you really don’t want to touch ( stingers, sharp teeth, etc… ), but you have little to no control over the damage that is done to the fish.

We feel strongly at Olivier’s TCC LLC that all fish are a living part of our world’s natural resources. Only keep what is necessary; gently release the rest so that we can all fish another day. Flipping tools may be a quick and easily solution for the fisherman, but I’m certain that the fish would not agree.


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