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The Cajun Claw Story:
Being an avid fisherman for almost 50 years I recall many instances where I caught fish intended to be released back into the waters only to realize that the hook was either in a place that I couldn’t reach, or the hook was lodged in delicate tissue where removal with pliers would tear this tissue causing certain death to the fish. It seemed even worse when the fishing laws required that I throw the dying fish back into the water…… what a waste !

With this thought as our premise, we at Olivier’s TCC LLC have spent much of our time and energy over the last few years creating an instrument that would sizably increase your chances of returning a healthy fish back into the water. An instrument that fits in your pocket, can be operated with one hand, is simple to use, works equally as well on small, medium and large fish, works just as well at night as it does during the day, works well with single, double or tri-hooks, can safely remove hooks in closed mouth situations……. Let’s just say that, The Cajun Claw goes places where no other hook remover has gone before !!! And because of that fact – MORE FISH LIVE !!!

Another surprising benefit in using The Cajun Claw to remove hooks from fish is that, because of the technique used during extraction of the hook, both the lure and the fishing line are not damaged during the procedure. This means - LURES LAST LONGER and LESS RETIES !! So, everybody benefits !

Please visit the Accessories section of our website and you will find other products that may pertain to your specific type of fishing. Our motivation continues to be the development of products that return healthy fish back to the waters.


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